Stories & Journals

The story of Dan Eldon begins our journey, and this exploration would not be complete without glimpses of his journals.
What would a journal of your life look like, or one of your life now? Open your mind to new possibilities.
Filled with ephemera from his young life — newspaper clippings, food labels, call girl cards picked up in London phonebooks, and even grains of rice — the journals are fragile. Today, they are stored at the Los Angeles country Museum of Art and are not available for most of us to see. – See more at:

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Transforming with Stories & Journals of Dan Eldon

The process of transforming our lives begins with hearing the stories and looking at the journals of those who have gone before us. Dan Eldon’s extraordinary vision and compassion inspired those who knew him – and, now, many more of us can be inspired to become a catalyst for bringing uncommon good into the world. Film by Jason Russell and the team at Invisible Children.

Releasing & Letting Go with Caitlin & AS

Caitlin shares her journey of being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, “AS”. She is claiming victory over this disease through her regular practice of FORM strengthening and stretching movements.

Healing with Kathryn & FORM

Kathryn Linehan, the founder of FORM, shares how she found calm in the center of pain and grieving. In sharing ways to become renewed through multi-sensory learning, the FORM Community offers hope to everyone who visits these stories.

Listening with Amanda & Layers of Awareness

Amanda Armour’s enduring interest in understanding and breaking down the perpetuation of systematic inequality encouraged her to seek out experiences interacting with several different populations. From HIV/AIDS health education programs to working with victims of sexual assault, she is passionate about helping the underserved and high-risk population. With a Masters of Science in Social Psychology, her research interests range from national/ethnic identity and perception, intergroup conflict, conflict resolution, social norms, procedural justice, and psychological influences on sociopolitical policy. With the FORM Community, Amanda is helping us move beyond our boundaries to better understand the world from others’ perspectives.

Sharing Vision with Kathy Eldon

Kathy Eldon shares the story of her photojournalist son, Dan Eldon, and his journey of becoming a creative activist. Join Kathy on her journey through forgiveness and how this led to a global movement that inspires many of today’s leading social entrepreneurs and creative activists.

Becoming Unified with Genevieve

A refreshing look at one college student’s way to disrupt her spending habits –

In confronting our culture’s obsessions with over-consumption, Genevieve Ruddock shares one form of her art – that of collecting old papers and trash and creating beautiful collage art.

Being Tranquil & the Lavender Harvest with Levi

With wisdom beyond his years gained through days in silence as he works on an estate harvesting lavender, Levi muses about working amongst the bees.

Immerse yourself in this golden light, imagine being imbued in the luscious scent of lavender, and enjoy the delicate dance of the bees.

Enduring All Things & Being “the other” with Dahan

As Dahan shares his ordeal of assimilating into the American culture, he endured social neglect and bullying. With a generous spirit, he learned to cultivate a rich inner life and began practicing dance moves in the privacy of his room. Ten years later, Dahan has compassion for those who don’t understand “the other” and doesn’t harbor resentment toward those who hurt him. As a dancer in the upcoming “Dance in Flight” film, Dahan’s passion for free form movement is a testimony to how he endured difficult periods of his life.