FORM Community Session 6

The sixth cycle of FORM Community brings us inward to our most essential truth…

Letting things unfold naturally is grace. It is not something we create, rather it is a gift that we envision and then learn patience as we wait to see how it manifests.
With trust that we will be given exactly what we need at just the right moment, we find that we are united with spirit. Seeking to flow with others in this way, with the unfolding of time and without forcing anything specific to happen, we will come to a place of mutual understanding.

Additional Video Information:

Becoming Unified with Genevieve

A refreshing look at one college student’s way to disrupt her spending habits –

In confronting our culture’s obsessions with over-consumption, Genevieve Ruddock shares one form of her art – that of collecting old papers and trash and creating beautiful collage art.

Uniting with Stillness

Perhaps the most difficult of practices is to be still and observe one’s breath –

Being mindful of our thoughts, body, and surrounding world is the key to meditation. Rather than emptying or clearing one’s thoughts, learn to have intention and focus. In this practice, Genevieve begins with sitting and lying still as she slows down and enjoys solitude.

At first, you might treat meditative stillness as a very serious undertaking, but here we see Robby placing himself with a lawn-mower man in the background. His hand movements are actually soothing and help focus his mind. Laughter is good – lighten up and make your FORM practice fresh each time.

Another approach is to be still and listen for that “quiet voice”, or sound of sheer silence. A favorite meditation of Kathryn’s, the founder of FORM, is to ponder the Scripture from Psalm 23. The passage, “leads me to quiet waters”, awakens her to an eternal reality. She says that it’s as if she’s transported beyond the pain and chaos of the world each time she hears this Word.

Being United & Performance Art with MA

“To understand life, you really have to understand death in a way… “

In his performance art MA brings an irreverent approach to the way we think about preparations for our ultimate passing, while also redefining what stillness meditation means to him. As his body bag art project was taking shape in the Spring of 2013, MA learned to practice FORM mediation movement. He found that the stillness of laying in the body bag during his performances in public places felt strangely comforting, as if in a womb and experiencing rebirth. This stillness coupled with focused breathing helped allay the anxiety about graduation and leaving the confines of university life.