FORM Community Session 1

Learn to integrate meditation, movement and creative flow into your life.

The journey of FORM™ begins with setting intention and being clear about the transformation you are seeking. The practice of FORM presents eight meditation themes that promote overall calmness and the sharing of stories or life journeys. Integrating physical practices and ideas for creative expression encourages participants to be fully present with their whole being.


Additional Video Information:

Transforming with Stories & Journals of Dan Eldon

The process of transforming our lives begins with hearing the stories and looking at the journals of those who have gone before us. Dan Eldon’s extraordinary vision and compassion inspired those who knew him – and, now, many more of us can be inspired to become a catalyst for bringing uncommon good into the world. Film by Jason Russell and the team at Invisible Children.

Transforming through Strength

Michael Morgan shares how he has learned through years of surfing, playing soccer and leading an active lifestyle, that pushing through failure is the only way he becomes stronger. Mike shares how he strengthens his body and that rest is just as important as an intense workout session.

LifeForceU Arts & Expression: More Alive & Transformation

Explore the creation of art that quickens the soul and opens one to exhilarating new possibilities. Inspired by the words of Martha Graham, may you also be moved to follow your heart and be ever more alive. Film by Nicol Ragland.