Sharing Vision

FORM Community Session 5

The fifth cycle of FORM Community is about seeing the world through another’s eyes and walking in their shoes. These movement and meditations inspire us to practice compassion on the local community level as well as with helping to bring aid or support for those far from us.

Providing care for others in tangible ways helps not only the people in need, it also benefits the giver by developing deeper emotional structures for empathy. A shared vision can ripple forth like a wave to strengthen relationships within families, schools, workplaces and the overall community.

Additional Video Information:

Sharing Vision with Kathy Eldon

Kathy Eldon shares the story of her photojournalist son, Dan Eldon, and his journey of becoming a creative activist. Join Kathy on her journey through forgiveness and how this led to a global movement that inspires many of today’s leading social entrepreneurs and creative activists.

Sharing Vision & Being Present with Photography

Genevieve Smith is never more peaceful and present than when she’s observing the world through the lens of her camera.

Partner FORM with Sophie and Becca

Join us on the rooftop over looking Malibu’s Surfrider Beach and learn how Sophie and Becca practice FORM to create peaceful moments in their busy lives. They also have found greater range of motion and flexibility as they stretch together, using one another as leverage to breathe and feel their muscles loosen up.

Sharing Vision with Partner Stretching

Follow along with friends who practice FORM, from sisters and friends, to alums and students in a Convocation class. Each pair creates personal ways to meditate together with movement. You can’t help but smile when you embody shared vision with another person.

Carl Jung described this as synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence or a relationship of ideas that are not necessarily connected through cause and effect. When you are fully present with another’s person’s breathing and tone, you may begin to experience a peace that passes all understanding. We hope these inspire you to connect more authentically with another person today and will help you find ways to grow stronger and ever more joyous.

We love the Jack Johnson song, “I Got You” – be sure to buy this song (and album!) and enjoy practicing FORM with your friends!