Releasing & Letting Go

FORM Community Session 2

In this second cycle of FORM, we look at what it is that we need to release. What are the burdens that are too much for us to carry? Or, perhaps something is holding us captive, such as an addiction, and we need to find ways to be released and be free from it.

Awakening to the true self means that we must see our whole being – what is real about our life. It is a delight to look at the light and positive aspects of our life, and it takes courage to open up the darker aspects that may include facing an incurable illness, a life‐changing injury, or the grieving over loved ones.

Additional Video Information:

Releasing & Letting Go with Caitlin & AS

Caitlin shares her journey of being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, “AS”. She is claiming victory over this disease through her regular practice of FORM strengthening and stretching movements.

Releasing & Letting Go with Stretching & Body Therapy

Learn to release what is not necessary through micro stretches – Body therapy is most effective as it’s integrated with a breathing cycle that’s an intentionally deep and slow inhalation and a relaxed and lingering exhalation. This focus on the breath is vital to calming the both the body and brain. Learn how to practice gentle stretch and release techniques for hands, neck and upper back, and legs and feet. One can be solo or learn to share with a friend.

Releasing & Letting Go with Jocelyn & Painting

A serious back injury led Jocelyn to create her paintings in completely fresh styles. She now has found greater ease in her free style approach to creating art.