FORM Community Session 4

This meditation focuses on not only on listening and being attentive to the body’s center of gravity, but also in developing a sense of where the body is in time and space – also known as proprioception.

Awareness of the core muscles integrates with the awareness of one’s base of stability and how to meet the world each day.

Are you always present and listening to the subtext of what’s going on around you?
Are you able to stand up to oppression that your encounter?
Can you become resilient to cultivate hope in the face of injustice?

Additional Video Information:

Listening with Amanda & Layers of Awareness

Amanda Armour’s enduring interest in understanding and breaking down the perpetuation of systematic inequality encouraged her to seek out experiences interacting with several different populations. From HIV/AIDS health education programs to working with victims of sexual assault, she is passionate about helping the underserved and high-risk population. With a Masters of Science in Social Psychology, her research interests range from national/ethnic identity and perception, intergroup conflict, conflict resolution, social norms, procedural justice, and psychological influences on sociopolitical policy. With the FORM Community, Amanda is helping us move beyond our boundaries to better understand the world from others’ perspectives.

Listening & Being Attentive with Core Strength

In listening and being attentive to her body’s needs, Caitlin grows stronger and is learning ways to claim victory over the diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, “AS”. With this fourth movement flow, strengthening the region of the core muscle groups including the lumbar, abdominals, hip flexors, gluteals and pelvic floor, helps Caitlin also develop a strong sense of spiritual alignment.

With these Pilates-style core-strengthening exercises, Caitlin has surpassed all of her doctor’s expectations for building strength and endurance. With her daily regimes of exercise, she incorporates the FORM practice of linking a theme from Scripture with each exercise. In this way, her physical being is integrated into her spiritual life. The most sacred moments are unspoken and private, the practice of FORM can become what you make it. Caitlin’s life story inspires us to take each day as it comes and not to worry about tomorrow.

Listening & Lucretia Unplugged

Lucretia Taylor is the dynamo mentor at A Place Called Home. Sharing her passion with the youth who come through the doors of this flourishing youth center each day, she makes sure they are equipped for life. With her love for the arts equal to her ambition to see each person blossom and live their dream, Lucretia inspires us all.