FORM Community Session 3

Part three of the FORM Community series is inspired by the themes of healing and being renewed. Seeking the community to support healing and reaching out to those who may be in need is a critical aspect of balanced healthy living.

How does one find flow; it is unique to each individual. Being in the moment and fully present in mind and body without the pressure of time or performance creates the opportunity for energy to flow and feel in the zone. Learn ways that you can tap into the positive flow of life when you feel blocked, down, or sluggish.

Additional Video Information:

Healing with Kathryn & FORM

Kathryn Linehan, the founder of FORM, shares how she found calm in the center of pain and grieving. The most vital part of the FORM process is you and how your story becomes transformed through the renewing of your mind and body. Studies of the FORM Community show an increased experience of personal transformation and a willingness to be of service to others.

Healing & Being Energized with Standing Flow

This standing exercise routine is inspired by Chi Gong which is a breath-centered flow of movements. Practiced daily, Kathryn shows us how FORM can be integrated with Scripture, poetry or music to deepen the experience.

Healing & Sandplay Therapy with Ann Warford

Ann Warford shares how Sandplay helps to address deep trauma that is painful beyond words. This is a tactile, hands on, non-verbal approach that is highly effective healing practice for healing trauma and post-traumatic stress. A nonverbal mode of communication, sandplay gives a person an array of objects – from toys to shells and spiritual iconography to whimsical artifacts – to tell their story in a unique and often, surprising way.

Beyond conscious awareness, sandplay allows a person to enter into their subconscious stories that live below the surface. Once brought to light, the deeper healing begins to happen. An important method that could be used to help many people, we hope this opens up new possibilities for the viewer.