Enduring All Things & Being Free FORM

FORM Community Session 8

In practicing these eight FORM Community cycles, we hope you will have greater resilience when you face times that are painful or dark. In learning to breathe and stay present with your body, you will be able to manage the stress more effectively. As challenges arise, have hope that through your meditation practices you will have the mindset to be able to endure all things and maintain a calming presence for those around you.

These closing clips introduce you to people who have endured tremendous difficulty and not grown bitter. Rather, they have made art, found laughter, and can awaken us to the possibilities.

Additional Video Information:

Enduring All Things & Being “the other” with Dahan

As Dahan shares his ordeal of assimilating into the American culture, he endured social neglect and bullying. With a generous spirit, he learned to cultivate a rich inner life and began practicing dance moves in the privacy of his room. Ten years later, Dahan has compassion for those who don’t understand “the other” and doesn’t harbor resentment toward those who hurt him. As a dancer in the upcoming “Dance in Flight” film, Dahan’s passion for free form movement is a testimony to how he endured difficult periods of his life.

Being Free FORM with Underpass, Liminal Life, and Overpass

Enduring all things is possible as Dahan Kim, David Spain, and Genevieve Smith each practice a Free FORM flow of breath and movement.

Enduring All Things & the Malibu Labor Exchange with Oscar & Cindy

The Roving Homeless Garden became a performance art project with a practical benefit of providing vegetable and herb plants to curious Angelenos.

Amanda Armour interviews the director of the Malibu Community Labor Exchange, Oscar Mondragon about bringing hope and assistance to undocumented workers. Early in his life, Oscar was part of the farmworker’s movement under Cesar Chavez. Mondragon works day by day, person by person in small ways to create big changes.

Cindy Short shares about the mythological character, Sisyphus and the seemingly endless work to bring awareness of social injustice to the public eye.