Being Tranquil

FORM Community Session 7

The seventh cycle of FORM Community brings us to a place of taking action through a gentle and calm attitude. We cannot build bridges of peace or walk as a peacemaker if we harbor fear, anger or resentfulness. This series of meditations take us back to the land with exploring the lavender harvest, the practice of walking the labyrinth, and the emergence of seed libraries around the globe to preserve the integrity of local food sources.

Additional Video Information:

Being Tranquil & the Lavender Harvest with Levi

With wisdom beyond his years gained through days in silence as he works on an estate harvesting lavender, Levi muses about working amongst the bees.

Immerse yourself in this golden light, imagine being imbued in the luscious scent of lavender, and enjoy the delicate dance of the bees.

Being Tranquil & Peaceful with Labyrinth Walking

Walk with David Spain and Genevieve Smith as the labyrinth allows their minds to quiet and their bodies to lead them in forming tranquility and peacefulness.

It is a simple and clear path, labyrinths are not to be confused with mazes. The sacred labyrinths in places like Chartes are not designed to trick or deceive. The labyrinth helps strengthen intention. It’s a metaphor of every day life with three cycles: first, entering in releases the world and its worries; next, reaching center represents awakening to the sacredness of who you are; finally, the returning path is union and taking the walk’s benefits back into life. The only decision is when to enter. There are no rules, and no right or wrong way.

Being Tranquil with David King & the Seed Library of Los Angeles

At the forefront of a global movement to cultivate local non-GMO seeds, Amanda Armour meets up with David King, the founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, “SLOLA”. David shares the importance of community gardening to create a sustainable and healthy planet.