About FORM

FORM® is meditation movement and it works on many levels. First, FORM is like a mold that enables one to reproduce a masterpiece, or to be a pattern for one’s life. We can also follow the FORM of physicality in Pilates, Traditional Chinese Exercise, or just simply by being free form. FORM can be an embodiment of prayer and is similar to rotating meditative thoughts through one’s mind. Fluid physical movement and steady breathing become rotational if practiced consistently. Ultimately, FORM is all about spiritual formation and to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. It is important that FORM not become too rigid or dogmatic, thus, we encourage students to create their own FORM of meditation movement practice.

This FORM Community portal intends to become a curriculum that will be supportive of building empathy for young people and could be used over a period of 10 years, spanning the ages from 15 to 25. Each year, a user could experience a new cycle of 8 sessions that would be an integration of media with personal experience. Thus, we are hoping to create an ongoing process of learning to interconnect more deeply with others through the formative stages of life during high school, college, career, and exploring the establishment of family life. This pilot series offered here will be continually refined and developed as we gather feedback from users such as yourself.

Thank you for visiting,
Kathryn Linehan, Founder of FORM®