Arts & Expression

Every form of art can be an expression or an acknowledgement of another idea, another point of view, another culture — ultimately, another person.   Art is the call of “Where are you?” To engage is to reply, “Yes! Here I am!”


Additional Video Information:

LifeForceU Arts & Expression: More Alive & Transformation

Explore the creation of art that quickens the soul and opens one to exhilarating new possibilities. Inspired by the words of Martha Graham, may you also be moved to follow your heart and be ever more alive. Film by Nicol Ragland.

Releasing & Letting Go with Jocelyn & Painting

A serious back injury led Jocelyn to create her paintings in completely fresh styles. She now has found greater ease in her free style approach to creating art.

Healing & Sandplay Therapy with Ann Warford

Ann Warford shares how Sandplay helps to address deep trauma that is painful beyond words. This is a tactile, hands on, non-verbal approach that is highly effective healing practice for healing trauma and post-traumatic stress. A nonverbal mode of communication, sandplay gives a person an array of objects – from toys to shells and spiritual iconography to whimsical artifacts – to tell their story in a unique and often, surprising way.

Beyond conscious awareness, sandplay allows a person to enter into their subconscious stories that live below the surface. Once brought to light, the deeper healing begins to happen. An important method that could be used to help many people, we hope this opens up new possibilities for the viewer.

Listening & Lucretia Unplugged

Lucretia Taylor is the dynamo mentor at A Place Called Home. Sharing her passion with the youth who come through the doors of this flourishing youth center each day, she makes sure they are equipped for life. With her love for the arts equal to her ambition to see each person blossom and live their dream, Lucretia inspires us all.

Sharing Vision & Being Present with Photography

Genevieve Smith is never more peaceful and present than when she’s observing the world through the lens of her camera.

Being United & Performance Art with MA

“To understand life, you really have to understand death in a way… “

In his performance art MA brings an irreverent approach to the way we think about preparations for our ultimate passing, while also redefining what stillness meditation means to him. As his body bag art project was taking shape in the Spring of 2013, MA learned to practice FORM mediation movement. He found that the stillness of laying in the body bag during his performances in public places felt strangely comforting, as if in a womb and experiencing rebirth. This stillness coupled with focused breathing helped allay the anxiety about graduation and leaving the confines of university life.

Being Tranquil with David King & the Seed Library of Los Angeles

At the forefront of a global movement to cultivate local non-GMO seeds, Amanda Armour meets up with David King, the founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, “SLOLA”. David shares the importance of community gardening to create a sustainable and healthy planet.

Enduring All Things & the Malibu Labor Exchange with Oscar and Cindy

With communication ethics and the perspective of dialogue, we explore the life-giving gift of acknowledgement with our friends at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange.

Three concepts emerge with Oscar Mondragon and Cindy Short as they share their stories:

  1. Dialogue is an irreducible practice that is made rich by tensions
  2. Third Culture Building helps to overcome the barriers of old paradigms
  3. Transformation is a never-ending process and the human story has no end

Social existence and moral well being are evolving through the consciousness of how we can be open to affirm the other, and be present to authentic dialogue as a collaborative and emergent engagement, and thus, experience the wonder of the other and be open to transformation.

An avoidance of acknowledging the other, and thus, denying the time, space, and openness for the existence of the other, reveals our lack of understanding to fully embrace the gift of being human. Can we evolve as a global culture to learn to be creative agents of hope who show genuine care and acknowledgement of the other and also, to share in meaningful dialogue through the balance of tension with ‘letting the other happen to me’ while and also, as I ‘hold my own ground’?