The best gift I can remember was found on a freeway on Christmas day.

I was traveling down the California coast to the family dinner as I passed a favorite surf spot just south of Santa Barbara, and I caught a glimpse of a beautiful work of art by the side of the road. It’s pictured here… a peace sign made out of seaweed that was attached to a branch and stood tall in a slope of stones. The shimmering water created a dazzling tone and the angle of the mountainous blue-toned coastline in the background was like a cradle of loving hands that presented the peace symbol for the world to behold.

Thanks to the anonymous people who gave their time to assemble the peace sign for all to enjoy, it was a random act of love and kindness. I have now met many friends who remember seeing this peace sign that day. To have been able to capture this point in time is very special – it’s sacred – it’s like finding a glimpse of the eternal and being able to convey it in the here and now.

What are the moments like this for you? When have you felt such grace and peace?

The hope of this portal is for you to find ways to share such moments of transcendence and have a place where love and compassion truly abound.